Top 5 shortlist at London Blockchain Hackathon

Going into London Blockchain week, it was a pleasure to take part in this amazing Hackathon.

30 Teams ended up presenting on stage yesterday and it was great fun to compete with so many great minds from all over the World.

The networking side was excellent too and I very quickly met 3 other guys with great ideas to bounce off one another.

Introducing KarmaChain: credit rating profiling for the unbanked

In the end, in just one weekend, my team and I managed to put together a disruptive Blockchain based product that has the potential to revolutionise credit rating for the unbanked people around the world.

The idea and the prototype, which we built using a JavaScript backend and a Solidity smart contract, lets people record cash transactions on the ethereum Blockchain using simple SMS texts. This allows them to build a credit and an identity profile even in remote areas where there is no internet access.

The project got the main sponsors very excited and they quickly told us we got shortlisted in the top 5 team on presentation day.

Despite this, the event victory went to a project aiming to use Blockchain to record and distribute weather forecast based on data from 3D printed stations.

I can only say though that I’ve never been to a Hackathon as competitive as this and, in truth, every single one of the 30 ideas pitched has the potential to be either a successful startup or a government-backed project.

As far as KarmaChain is concerned, the event allowed us to meet representatives from the Bank of Papua New Guinea and several other people who found our project groundbreaking. This will no doubt mean that the doors for our Blockchain prototype are actually only just starting to open.

Do you want to know more?

If you think disrupting the credit rating system is a promising market, especially for the BILLIONS of people in emergent markets who have limited access to digital banking, then hit me up on francesco.p@theconquestgroup.co.ukMy team and I decided to keep working on KarmaChain, so we would love to hear from people willing to see this become a fairer and bigger Experian.If you are new to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain but want to explore how I can help your business enter this revolutionary field, then again get in touch for a free consultation. I offer freelance software development and business consulting services, which have helped many clients increase profits and offer better products to customers.

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