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DigiBRUTE exposed

The rich, powerful sound of my little baby, the digital synthesizer DigiBRUTE, has taken part in the opening night of the Goldsmiths Synth Club.

Unique example of a semi-modular fully-digital machine, the DigiBRUTE has proudly made his growl resound amongst all of his analogue peers – forming a surprisingly interesting match for sound legends such as the Roland Juno-106 or the MFB Dominion 1.

This event concludes a 2016 rich of great feedback for the DigiBRUTE, which has also been featured at the Goldsmiths Computing Show back in June (one of the only 3 pieces from 1st year studens) and in several live performances in and around South East London.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the DigiBRUTE released as a Max 4 Live instrument or a VST” was the comment of the one of the attendees.

DigiBRUTE has been coded in Max 7 and so far only exported as a standalone app, but it would understandably become an even better tool for sound engineers and musicians alike if it was available as a DAW plugin.

So far, I have had a really hard time keeping up with my strenuous self-imposed schedule with the development of a VR music controller. I will, therefore, have to postpone the “plugin-ising” of DigiBRUTE to next year.

In the meantime, below I am posting some pictures and a video of the DigiBRUTE in action:

–Synth-Club opening–

–Goldsmiths Computing Show 2016–

–DigiBRUTE in action!–



See you soon!


-Francesco Perticarari

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