Hi, I'm Francesco,

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If you are building exciting new tech or are looking to meet great startups – I’d love to help.

🚀  At Silicon Roundabout, we help early stage hi-tech startups become great businesses and businesses and software engineers meet.

🚀  Since 2011 we’ve seen 20,000+ tech startups, selected 60+ pitches per year, and helped 100s of founders with mentoring, recruitment & industry connections. Join us @ www.SiliconRoundabout.tech

💸  We’re now launching a Seed VC Fund to back innovative Deep Tech entrepreneurs. Find out more @ www.SiliconRoundabout.Ventures

🖥  About me: A former software developer and a geek at core. I believe that tech and entrepreneurship combined are the building blocks of tomorrow’s world.

⚡ That’s why I’ve worked hard to take Silicon Roundabout to become the largest tech meetup community in Europe, it’s why I am raising Silicon Roundabout Ventures, and why I mentor & invest in startups for the European Space Agency (GSA) as well as independently. 

⚡ Through the Silicon Roundabout community, I love connecting talented engineers with great teams and empowering startups through our events and connections.

Besides Silicon Roundabout, I own the boutique property investment company AGAPE Properties. 1st UK property management and investment agency to accept cryptocurrency as payment: www.agapehomes.co.uk

I enjoy advocating for a more “American” and “tech-operator driven” venture capital approach in Europe –and have done so at keynotes and guest lectures for Silicon Roundabout, London Fintech and Tech Week, Birmingham Tech Week, Alta Scuola Politecnica Milano, and AI Tech World Summit amongst others.

Connect if you would like to:

  • Discuss investments into Venture Capital & startup opportunities
  • Raise money for a UK-based Deep Tech seed startup
  • Promote and raise awareness for your business through our tech community
  • Engage and hire engineers in the UK
  • Discuss sharing my knowledge in tech & VC with your community (via keynotes, talks, lectures, etc)
  • Receive Consulting on building Startup ecosystems and programmes

Aside from work, I love my coffee, technology and programming, inline speed skating and fitness in general, insight meditation, nice food, reading about physics and history, and learning about new stuff.

I speak English, Italian & Spanish.

Best way to connect? Come to a Silicon Roundabout meetup or virtual event -> www.meetup.com/SiliconRoundabout

I like to respond to all messages, but if you’re trying to sell me something I don’t need or cold reaching out without bothering to read what I do, then I probably won’t

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