Silicon Roundabout

If you are a startup entrepreneur or a tech company wanting to:


* promote your products,
* raise funds,
* hire top-notch developers, or
* develop new tech,


I’d love to help you.


A software developer in a previous life, I am a strong believer that Tech & Entrepreneurship together can help us build a better future


That’s why I run Silicon Roundabout, which powers the largest Community of Tech Innovators in Europe. Join us on our mission to change the world through tech! ??


Whether you have an idea, a startup, or a large corporation & seek exposure or want to meet the best startups & talent around, feel free to connect & list your product on our online Hub: – or host, sponsor & promote at our events.



Business Strategy

Analysis and Constant Improvement.


The first step is always devising the right plan. The second is mastering the required skills.


Leveraging on my experience, as well as utilising fresh approaches, I can foster the scaling up of any enterprise and business activity to expand the business base and accelerate economic growth.


Since I  believe in empowering people & growing businesses, I regularly run Tech, Talent & Entrepreneurship workshops, mentoring & consulting sessions for Silicon Roundabout and organisations such as London metropolitan University and the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA).


If you would like to host one for your company, community, or government body, feel free to enquire.


Real Estate

As the founder and director of Property Developemnt, Management and Investment company AGAPE Properties, I have a strong track record in Real Estate.


You can check out what my boutique award-winning firm does on its website


If you have a residential property in London and would like to achieve higher returns without ever worrying about maintenace, tenants and voids, please email us at


If you are an investor seeking to achieve higher returns for your funds in the London and UK, feel free to drop me a message.

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