Talk 2 Me

The Next Generation Life-Coach…

…And a virtual friend who is always here to help


Francesco, Alice-Ada, John, Saleem and Filip present:



Our Vision

People can sometimes feel emotionally damaged or may just want to be loved or achieve more in life. And sometimes they might not have the opportunity to talk to a person, whilst by talking to an informed friendly interlocutor they could address their issues better. Talk 2 Me will change this – forever.

Talk 2 Me uses a Machine Learning A.I. engine to engage with users in a conversational way. It will soon be able to offer tips, help to set goals and use CBT and Self-Help techniques to support users feeling down or simply wanting to achieve their goals.

Despite being free to use, the app would allow for a premium service by letting users talk to human therapists on-demand. It will also inform them of nearby well-being services that might be of interest, such as gyms, yoga classes and so much more!

Contact us to find out more about Talk 2 Me and stay tune for its beta version test release!


Coming soon….