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img-20160101-wa0001Hi, I'm Francesco

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I help startup entrepreneurs and tech companies promote their products. I connect tech enthusiats with the best ideas being developed this side of the Atlantic. All through Silicon Roundabout: the largest tech community in London.

As Silicon Roundabout, we've been running tech meetups for over 6 years and are the godfathers of Fintech Week and Blockchain Week. We continuously review startups and help them connect with investors, early adopters, specialist press, and developers.

If you have a startup or a startup idea and want to gain exposure, or if you are looking to connect with the best startups around, feel free to connect and list your product through our online Hub: https://siliconroundabout.tech

Business-wise I've been investing in Property since 2015, after capitalising on my previous business startup. I now lead The Conquest Group, a corporation whose main arm is the development firm AGÀPE Properties (1st UK Lettings Company to accept pioneering cryptocurrency).

AGÀPE's goal is to innovate the UK property sector and provide: on one side better living standards for tenants and buyers, and on the other profitable ethical solutions for landlords and investors. If you are looking to sell or let a property long term, we can help: check out AGÁPE's services online at http://www.agapehomes.co.uk

I also host the Holborn Property Meet in London, where I provide quality market updates and prime networking opportunities for oproperty investors and service providers.

If you want to invest in property projects, with higher returns and less risks than a standard Buy-To-Let, then join us at the next Holborn meet up: https://www.holbornpropertymeetuk.com

I often give public speeches about my fields of expertise and occasionally mentor people whom I can help through my experience in business, programming or personal development. If you believe I could help you or your organisation, feel free to contact me

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